Restored Wings (RW), A Home for Healing

Restored Wings

Support, Protect & Restore Survivors of Human Trafficking

10th Annual Gala
September 5, 2024

Restored Wings, Home for Healing

Restored Wings (RW) is a nonprofit organization committed to providing hope and restoration to individuals who have escaped human trafficking in Nebraska and throughout the country.

We equip survivors of human trafficking with the tools to lead healthy and independent lives. RW assists in preventing future human trafficking by offering trauma-informed short and long-term housing recovery programs, helping to restore their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Working together, we can empower survivors to break free from the cycle of human trafficking, strengthening them to thrive in life!

57.6% of active

criminal trafficking cases in the U.S. involved sex. - 2021 Report by the Human Trafficking Institute

89% of child

victims in active sex trafficking cases were between 14 and 17 years old. -

1,091,000 people

are estimated as living in modern slavery in the U.S. - 2023 Global Slavery Index

Estimated 76%

of transactions for sex with underage girls start on the Internet. - Ark of Hope for Children

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