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“A Relationship With God”

It has been a crazy week so far.  This last weekend was our Women’s Retreat and was so amazing!  I love the relationship that I have with the Lord.

I never understood what a relationship with him was really about.  He has become my friend that I talk to on a regular basis and ask for guidance with many things.  I have always heard of that with other friends that are following Christ over the years, but I never comprehended what that felt like.  It is like no other feeling and is almost impossible to explain.

He is my father, “Abba Father”.  He has become my father that loves me without conditions or compromises.  God loves me no matter what I have done, how I have done it or how long I have done it for.  He is love!  A love like none you will EVER experience or feel even with your earth father.  My/our heavenly father loves, gives, sacrifices, teaches, and wants for us like no other father you have had or have.  He is perfect and the righteous one!

Our father is, “Jehovah-Ropheka” our Healer.  He heals the sick and wounded along with the hurting heart and soul of our past.

He is, “Haggo’el” our Redeemer.  He redeems us from our red as scarlet sins and washes them away as white as snow.  He forgives us of our past no matter what we have done or has been done to us.  Praise Him for that!

I am grateful to know Him like I do and have a relationship with Him that is the most rewarding relationship I have ever had in my life.

Anyone can have the same relationship with God!  I am praying that all who read this, will seek Him and know Him.  Ask for clarity and His will for you.  If you don’t know Him, ask Him into your heart and to reveal himself to you and if that is still confusing to you, emai or call me, I’ll help you.

God bless!

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