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“A Safe Place” – Written by, A Survivor of Trafficking

We have been blessed with a home to place girls and women who have been freed from the horrific world of sex trafficking.  This house is an answer to prayer and God has given it to us so that we can better serve and help the victims.

Your generous donation will help provide shelter, care, licensed professional counseling, group therapy and crisis intervention services for our women.  The Safe House provides three meals per day, toiletries, and other daily essentials such as laundry detergent.
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Here is a letter from a Survivor of trafficking in her own words and how she feels about our safe house;

“Being a victim of sex trafficking leaves a lot of emotional and physical pain in your life. The trauma and abuse is unbelievable that a victim goes through and the last thing you want to do is make her situation any worse. I would know because this was my reality after escaping the life of being a victim of sex trafficking, things did not just get better instantly. I had no where to go that was safe, anywhere they would put me could make my situation worse, and last but not least someone who truly understood what I endured because they had been through it. Although my situation is a little different because I had parents who were loving Christians and decided to educate themselves and help me walk through my healing, also with the help of God and a great counselor. But majority of girls don’t have family that can back them up and if they do most people are not prepared or equipped to deal with a sex trafficking victim without causing more damage. That is why the safe house for RW is so important to me and other sex trafficking victims. This will be a place where for the first time in a long time a girl will have a roof over her head where she doesn’t have to worry about someone hurting her or taking advantage of her. She will have a room of her own and a bed to call hers while she is staying at the house. For the first time in a long time a girl will be to experience peace and feel genuine love.  She will be able to learn simple things like how to wake up to an alarm clock, follow a daily schedule, and many other skills she will need to be a healthy functioning adult. To a lot of people those are things that are taken for granted and not a big deal, but to a girl who has been taught she is nothing but a piece of property or pawn this means the world. The most exciting thing about this house that makes it different from a random shelter or group home is in the house the girls will be able to talk and have the support from sex trafficking victims who are not victims anymore, but victors. I know if I would have been able to have someone to talk to that had been through what I had been through and actually see them healed and helping others would have made a huge difference in my recovery. So please don’t take this lightly and understand that this house is going to change so many girls life and it’s going to take the support of everyone to keep it going.”  – A Trafficking Survivor

Thank you for reading about our safe house, please keep us in your prayers.

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