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Sensory Rooms in Trauma-Informed Care

Healing Spaces: The Role of Sensory Rooms in Trauma-Informed Care for Survivors of Human Trafficking

Sensory Rooms in Trauma-Informed Care for Survivors…In the journey of recovery for survivors of human trafficking, creating safe and supportive environments rooted in Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) is crucial. One innovative approach gaining recognition in this realm is the use of sensory rooms. These specially designed spaces offer survivors a sanctuary for healing, offering carefully crafted sensory stimuli to promote relaxation, emotional regulation, and overall well-being.

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Identifying Human Trafficking in Your Community

From Awareness to Action: Identifying Human Trafficking in Your Community

Identifying Human Trafficking in Your Community…Increased Risk of Trafficking During Major Events and Conferences
The influx of people during major events and conferences amplifies the demand for sex trafficking, thereby creating a heightened risk of human trafficking during these times. While it’s crucial to recognize this increased risk, it’s equally important to understand that human trafficking occurs year-round and is not confined to specific events. Additionally, many Nebraska residents may not be aware that their state is a hotspot for human trafficking in general.

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