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 WE EXIST TO RESTORE LIVES “REACHING WOMEN WHO DESIRE REDEMPTION, HEALING AND FREEDOM THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.” Restored Wings’s Redemption Home Fund “No woman is without a voice. No woman is left abandoned. No woman is left without hope.” Restored Wings is dedicated to restoring the lives of women who are experiencing hurt and shame in […]

Restored Wings is proud to be Christ Driven

We received an email from a possible donor and he had a question about how we make decisions regarding our ministry. This man wanted to know whether or not we are a “Christ driven” organization. Before he made a decision on whether or not to donate to us, he wanted to make sure that we […]

“How do we handle trials in our lives?” Blog by Julie

Summer is almost over and fall is right around the corner.  It just amazes me how time flies with the change of seasons and of course, the older I get. The last few months have been especially challenging for me and my husband.  We have gone through all kinds of trials and painful circumstances that are […]

“Easter 2013” – Blog by Julie Shrader

Yesterday 2,000 years ago, Jesus died on a cross shedding his sin free blood for you and me.  He went through such torture that we can not even imagine or wrap our minds around.  Three days after Jesus’s death, it is known that Jesus rose from the dead proving that He is the son of God and our savior of this […]

“A Relationship With God”

It has been a crazy week so far.  This last weekend was our Women’s Retreat and was so amazing!  I love the relationship that I have with the Lord. I never understood what a relationship with him was really about.  He has become my friend that I talk to on a regular basis and ask […]

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