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Little Life Choices Add Up To Big Life Change


Major life change, especially when considering a long-term program like ours, is going to be overwhelming and scary. However, if we can help new residents focus on the small choices and on their day-to-day instead of their “months down the road,” life does not seem so scary or overwhelming.

“One of the Hardest Things”

“One of the Hardest Things” ~ by Tammy Hudson Forgiveness is probably one of the hardest things we will ever have to do. The thought of forgiving someone who has truly hurt us seems almost unbearable. Yet, the burden of carrying around the bitterness and resentments will harm us more throughout our lives. We stay […]

“Unforgiveness Makes Your Love for God Grow Cold” – Blog by Julie Shrader

How Unforgiveness Hardens your Heart with God How does unforgiveness in your hearts harden your love and relationship with God?  Your love for Jesus Christ WILL actually grow cold! “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold” – Matthew 24:12 “Every time you refuse to forgive or fail to overlook […]

“Fallen From Grace” – Blog by Julie Shrader

It is important for Christians to remain strong in their faith and walk daily in God’s Word.  It is crucial that we don’t let our weaknesses in this world get the best of us.  We are to live IN the world, but not be OF the world.  The enemy is always looking for ways to tempt […]

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