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In this line of work that we do, we have seen and heard so many things. It is sometimes hard to imagine the depth of ones’ evil intentions just by their outward appearance. We tend to think that evil-intentioned people look a certain way….we judge a book by its cover whether you admit it or not.  Well, we are here to tell you that even the evilest hearts in people can appear on the outside like the most loving, likable and caring individuals.  Even after all this time, we still find ourselves in shock when we see with our own eyes how “normal” people appear on the outside while we know they sell their children and sell adults for their own sick gain. They have great jobs that even pay well and may be highly educated and even have a “loving family” in those FB photos you scroll through.  We as a society need to stop stereotyping people. Evil comes in all shapes and sizes.  Right here, it is written in God’s Word that this is true. “But I am not surprised! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light”. -2 Corinthians 11:14 We need to keep praying for the light to shine on darkness.

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