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National Prayer Day


In compliance with a law passed in the U.S. Congress in 1988, each year the President of the United States issues a statement proclaiming the first Thursday in May to be  a National Day of Prayer. But, the first National Day of Prayer was declared hundreds of years earlier. Religious roots in this country go back to its formation. In 1775, the Continental Congress set aside a time for prayer. In proclaiming this very first  National Day of Prayer, the Founding Fathers asked the colonists to pray for our fledgling country. Many immigrants to America, came here in search of religious freedom. Our God fearing forefathers felt so strongly about religious liberty, that they wrote the First Amendment to the Constitution, specifically to protect the right to religious freedom.

Each year on the National  Day of Prayer, there are over 35,000 prayer gatherings, by churches, temples and synagogues. Religious leaders across the country participate in some way. A national prayer broadcast can be found on GODTV, Facebook Live, and many other media channels.

We encourage you to spend a few minutes in prayer and reflection today. Start by giving thanks to your God. All too often we forget to say thanks to God for what he has provided to us. You could start by expressing your thanks to be living in a country that values and protects religious freedom. Think about what is going good in your life, your community and the world. As you pray, let God know you appreciate all he has provided. Then, consider how things are today. What is not going so well in your life? Do others around you need your prayers? There is always something in the world, that we can pray for… peace, an end to disease. There never seems to be a shortage of things to pray for. There is no established amount of time to spend in prayer today. Spend whatever amount of time you can, whatever amount of time you need. Make certain to select a time to pray, when you are not pressured to rush through your prayers.


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