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What is human trafficking? Human Trafficking is the sale of a human being for sex for labor…and there are different forms of human trafficking, but what we see most of is both labor and sex trafficking. Human trafficking is everywhere. It is all over the United States. They’re also victims caught up and manipulations done online through social media. Human Trafficking doesn’t care what race you are. It doesn’t matter what religion you are and where you come from. It doesn’t matter how much you have in your bank account, anyone can become a victim. Our community is full of people walking around thinking they’re not good enough and all it takes is for someone to tell him exactly what they want to hear. Because of Restored Wings, the Restored Wings home is a safe loving compassionate place for them to be able to find themselves again with the miraculous power of God. We need people to give freely of their time talent and treasure by donating to Restored Wings. When you donate, you help her build a new life. You help her get from a place of hopelessness. A place of Freedom. A place of Joy and a place of Independence. Spread the word about us and tell other people what we are doing in the city. Tell them what we are doing in the state. Tell people that what we are doing works and I actually think the most important thing is to pray. Pray for the women entering our program, and leaving the program. Pray for women who aren’t even here yet. Pray for the organization, pray for the leaders in our program. Pray for our board members and pray for our staff or volunteers and most of all, just pray that we’re making a difference. Thank you, Julie Shrader Founder, President and Executive Director Restored Wings and the Restored Wings Home

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