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Letter from Restored Wings Graduate

“There is a sentimental song everyone knows well that goes like this: ‘Stand by me, when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on.’ Thats something most people are willing to do. But here is my revamp of that song few are willing to answer to, ‘Crawl into the trenches for me, when I’m broken to pieces, help pull me out, and give me a safe place to rest tonight.’ This dear sponsor and donors are what RW is about.
In a time where I had nowhere else to go, was on the brink of suicide, hiding away for my life from people that wants to continue selling my body for money. RW was the only place that answered my call. The love of Jesus through the staff reached my heart and I was able to begin to slowly lift my head and begin to heal. They gave me a safe place to lay my memories down and begin to learn my identity is Christ. They answered the call for me. Will you answer theirs? They reached out their hand to me. Will you take theirs and support them so they can continue to reach more people like I was?”
~ RW Graduate

Restored Wings
P.O. Box 207
Boys Town, NE 68010


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