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Identifying Human Trafficking in Your Community

From Awareness to Action: Identifying Human Trafficking in Your Community

Increased Risk of Trafficking During Major Events and Conferences

The influx of people during major events and conferences amplifies the demand for sex trafficking, thereby creating a heightened risk of human trafficking during these times. While it’s crucial to recognize this increased risk, it’s equally important to understand that human trafficking occurs year-round and is not confined to specific events. Additionally, many Nebraska residents may not be aware that their state is a hotspot for human trafficking in general.

Identifying Human Trafficking Signs

Identifying human trafficking can be tricky. Be vigilant for signs such as:

  • Increased presence of unfamiliar individuals, especially minors, in adult entertainment areas.
  • Signs of physical abuse or neglect, like bruises or malnourishment.
  • Reluctance to engage or make eye contact, often with a controlling individual.
  • Inability to freely move or leave, indicating control by someone else.
  • Signs of substance abuse, used by traffickers for control.

It is important to note that physical abuse or neglect can be signs of various forms of abuse, not just trafficking.

Identifying Human Trafficking

Reporting Procedures

If you suspect human trafficking, act safely and swiftly. Prioritize safety by:

  • Assessing the situation before taking action to understand potential risks.
  • Maintaining a safe distance and avoiding direct interaction with suspected traffickers.
  • Staying aware of surroundings when documenting observations.
  • Using discretion when documenting details or taking photographs.
  • Reporting suspicious activities anonymously if concerned about personal safety.
  • Seeking support from trusted individuals or organizations if feeling unsafe or unsure.

Taking Action

  • Report suspicious activities to local law enforcement immediately with detailed information.
  • Reach out to anti-trafficking organizations for guidance and support.
  • Spread awareness and educate your community about trafficking signs and prevention.

How To Report Human Trafficking in Nebraska

  • Contact the Nebraska Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-833-PLS-LOOK (1-833-757-5665).
  • In emergencies, call 911 immediately.


National Resources

  • 24-Hour Human Trafficking Hotline: Call 1-888-373-7888 or text “HELP” to 233722 (BeFree) for support in over 200 languages.

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