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Restored Wings’s 4th Annual Restored Wings Banquet

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Restored Wings’s 4th Annual Restored Wings Banquet

Event Date: 09/13/2018
Start Time: 05:30 PM
End time: 08:30 PM

Event Location: Embassy Suites by Hilton Omaha
La Vista Hotel & Conference Center
12520 Westport Parkway
La Vista, Nebraska 68128

Event Description: 4th Annual Restored Wings Restored Wings Banquet with keynote speaker, Jerome Elam.
Jerome is a Child Sex Trafficking Survivor, Speaker, and Advocate for Children, Deputized Special Agent at Utah Attorney General’s Office, Trafficking in America Task Force, CEO.

Jerome’s mission is to educate and empower local, state and federal law enforcement and the public with the tools to make a difference in the fight against human trafficking. To advocate for all victims and survivors of human trafficking with a focus on trafficked males. The Trafficking in America Task Force “Boys are Not for Sale” initiative will be bringing together experts in the field to create the resources so desperately needed for trafficked males in their aftercare and healing. The “End Demand” initiative will work to address the influence of pornography as a driving force in sex trafficking and engage our young men in a conversation about healthy relationships. In conclusion, to make sure that not one more child suffers a ravaged childhood and a lifetime of pain and suffering as a victim of child sex trafficking. This will be accomplished by prevention through education and by making sure legislation is enacted that imprisons sexual predators and ensures the safety of our children.

Mark it on your calendars now for Thursday, September 13th, 2018 at Embassy Suites Omaha – La Vista Hotel and Conference Center.

Dinner, Cocktails and Silent Auction

(More details on this event and how to purchase tickets coming later.)


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Banquet Sponsors

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