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sensory room view from door Sensory Rooms are so beneficial for women who suffer from PTSD. Here are a couple of articles about Sensory Rooms. Sensory rooms are also called multisensory rooms or comfort rooms (MacDaniel, 2009). In essence, they are specialized rooms with environments that are designed to facilitate relaxation and self-organization (Champagne and Sayer, 2003; Champagne and Stromberg, 2004; Cummings et al., 2010). This is the Sensory Room at the Restored Wings home. We are so grateful for this room and the residents absolutely LOVE it as we know just how beneficial this will be for each one of them. A special thank you to Dr. Andrea Thinnes and the Creighton University Department of Occupational Therapy students with grant funding from Pharmacy and Health Professionals’ Student Government.  

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