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Human Trafficking 101

Many people simply do not understand the gravity and magnitude of human trafficking. Some individuals do not think it happens in their city or town and some think that they that just need some counseling and all will be ok. Well, this is far from the truth. They need love, compassion and understanding with a trauma-informed housing program to help them along the way.

The needs of child trafficking victims and the related legal reporting requirements differ significantly from those of adult victims. Government authorities and service providers should take special measures to ensure appropriate and tailored support and care are available to them. Children should receive immediate support and assistance in a safe and comfortable setting that is not intimidating or retraumatizing. Child-friendly spaces are an essential component to holistic victim-centered and trauma-informed care for child survivors of human trafficking. (U.S. Department of State)

This article gives us a great explanation with perspective of human trafficking and whom the victims may be.

Human Trafficking 101: Who are the Victims?

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