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Restored Wings’s Redemption Home Fund
“No woman is without a voice. No woman is left abandoned. No woman is left without hope.”
Restored Wings is dedicated to restoring the lives of women who are experiencing hurt and shame in various forms. While committed to helping victims of human trafficking rebuild their lives, we also aid women struggling with hurt from drug and alcohol addiction with free licensed counseling, multiple mental health diagnoses, molestation, domestic violence and numerous other issues. In order to accomplish our mission, we need a home that will allow us to facilitate the restoration and redemption of these women as they rebuild their lives.  Our 28 day safe home is just the beginning of what these girls need and the stress and fear of them not knowing where they are going next, is an issue.  Because of that fear, many run right back to their trafficker.  We want to help prevent that from happening by giving them a loving and stable place to live for 12-24 months where we compassionately teach them all of the skills they need to be self sufficient – to not only survive, but to live.  We have a long-term living program that will not only help re-frame the way the girls think about themselves and will enable her to begin the deep healing she so desperately needs.  We will teach and encourage her to become successful in a job and/or further her education.

Restored Wings helps to increase community awareness and coordinate the identification of human trafficking, assist in community education, advocacy, provision of culturally and linguistically sensitive victim services, and efforts to ensure the investigation and prosecution of human traffickers if needed. We have partnered with several agencies and organizations; including law enforcement, in order to better support and help prostituted women and girls escaping violence.

There is no justification in selling and exploiting human beings; therefore, we seek justice for the voiceless to be freed and given hope. We strive to help create a cultivated society where a market will not be tolerated for the sale and illicit exploitation of human beings. We hope to see perpetrators vigorously pursued and we wish for victims to be offered hope and healing instead of scorn and punishment.

We write this today, in hopes that you may read this and would find the need for this restoration home as much as we do. We humbly request your assistance as we take this monumental step towards serving victims of modern day slavery.

We thank you for your generous support and consideration!

~ Julie S.

You can go to our Crowdrise campaign to donate specifically for the home here;

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Women’s Group


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